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Hold The Front Page




Released September 2005 – Afterdark Records AFDA0004

Recorded at Earth Terminal Studios, December 2004
Additional recording at Nick Andrew’s home studio in Tilsworth, Bedfordshire, and at Russ Wilson and Martin Lawrie’s home studios, February – June 2005

Produced by Nick Andrew




Martin Lawrie
– keyboards
Steve Marshall
– bass, flute
Russell Wilson
– drums, percussion
Nick Andrew
– guitars



Future Dance
Steppin’ Out
Waltzing on Water
People Make The World Go Round
Straight From the Icebox
The Dance of the 3 Famous Belgians
Bob’s Groove
3 Funk
J & Z


‘Steve Marshall - "For me ‘Hold The Front Page’ is everything we’ve been working towards, capturing the energy of Curfew live but combining this with a truly professional production job (thanks Nick!) to create an album that has real ‘polish’ and some fantastically innovative arrangements yet retains the true spirit of the band, which (like so many good bands) is basically 4 people in a room creating something with a life of its own. The album cover gives the story behind each track so I won’t repeat those here – the story behind the album as a whole started in early 2004 with a series of sessions that licked into shape new numbers ‘Future Dance’, ‘Steppin’ Out’, and ‘People make The World Go Round’, plus new arrangements of several others. September 2004 with a series of rehearsals at Earth Terminal Studios in their new home in a converted hop kiln in Hampshire, culminating in a 2-day session laying down the basic tracks, including Gilad Atzmon’s ‘Ouz’ at the last minute.

The following months saw us under Nick’s expert guidance working on various arrangement ideas and overdubs on guitar (including the ‘string quartet’ on ‘Ouz’), keyboards and percussion. The music files give a flavour of what we achieved – to find out more, please go to the main ‘CD Releases’ page on this website and order a copy – you will not regret it! From a purely personal point of view, I would draw your particular attention to:

- The keyboard playing of Martin Lawrie – I’ve been in bands with him for 30 years but I’ve never heard him play better.
- The drumming of Russell Wilson – no ‘fixes’ for this guy – this is all one-take stuff, but he does it with ease. Some great percussion too.
- The all-round abilities of Nick Andrew – there’s evidence on every track, but check out the acoustic guitar on ‘Waltzing On Water’ for sheer drama, or the solo on ‘Dance of the 3 Famous Belgians’ – this is world-class playing. And from the personal point of view of someone who’s always wanted his flute playing to sound like Nik Turner on ‘Silver Machine’ but never managed it, check out the production job on the flute solo in ‘J & Z’.

So there you go – should be coming live to a venue near you very shortly!"