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STEVE MARSHALL – bass, flute

Steve began playing bass in the early 1970’s, inspired initially by the work of the ‘behind the scenes’ players of the era such as John Paul Jones, John Entwistle and James Jamerson. In 1974 he formed his first progressive jazz band with Martin Lawrie, beginning a musical partnership that has continued to this day through a variety of jazz and mainstream projects, culminating in the formation of contemporary jazz outfit Curfew in 1988.
Influences since then have included high-profile players from the jazz fusion canon such as Jaco Pastorius, Alphonso Johnson and Victor Wooten as well as unsung heroes such as Doug Rauch (Santana) and Ralphe Armstrong (Mahavishnu/Jean Luc Ponty), whilst developing his own fluid style on both fretted and fretless Warwick instruments that puts the bass at the heart of the rhythm section, where he believes it belongs.
Steve’s first instrument before taking up the bass was the flute, which remains a key element of Curfew’s sound - check out the beautiful Celtic-flavoured ‘Jura’ on Curfew’s debut CD ‘Somewhere In The City’, and by contrast the psychedelic solo on ‘J & Z’, the instrumental tour-de-force that closes the band’s new release ‘Hold The Front Page’.


MARTIN LAWRIE - keyboards

Martin has worked with keyboards as a musician, teacher and innovator from the age of 15. For many years he was a product specialist and demonstrator with Korg and Casio, working extensively in the UK, Europe and Japan on the development of new music technology; as Head of Keyboard for Berkshire Musicians Trust he has played an important part in the development of a new generation of musicians. Martin’s live work has been diverse, ranging from the likes of Jools Holland and pop pundit/author Alan Clayson through extensive high-profile commercial engagements to the many club and festival appearances of jazz fusion band Curfew, which he founded with Steve Marshall in 1988.
Martin is probably the UK’s leading exponent in combining classic keyboard sounds such as piano and Fender Rhodes with the latest in synthesiser technology, in tune with Joe Zawinul’s dictum that ‘new synthesiser sounds should be like ethnic instruments that haven’t been discovered yet’. Zawinul’s work in this area has been an inspiration through numerous gigs and meetings over the years; important influences on Martin’s style have included Michel Camilo, Chick Corea and Bela Fleck.


NICK ANDREW – guitars

Nick grew up in Scotland, where he established a formidable reputation as a jazz fusion guitarist, sessioneer and mainstay of the Dundee Guitar Festival. He moved to London in 1997 to further develop his career, working on a wide range of solo and collaborative projects and tutoring for a number of music colleges before joining Curfew in 2000.
Nick is a remarkably accomplished guitarist whose range encompasses the full spectrum from flamenco and classical to jazz and fusion; with Curfew he is not only a dazzling soloist but also an intuitive and creative rhythm player. His playing style is technically highly adept but always innovative and appropriate to its musical context, whether on acoustic, electric or MIDI instruments. Curfew’s new release ‘Hold The Front Page’ also sees Nick in the producer’s chair for the first time.
Nick's solo CD entitled 'Solo?' is now available. This remarkable CD captures Nick's extraordinary virtuosity and unique ability to create entire soundscapes from rock band to orchestra soley on guitar - see Nick's website www.nickandrew.net for details.



Russ joined Curfew in 1995 and has been an integral part of the band's recording (3 CD's to date), writing and live performances throughout the band's history, bringing a unique blend of power and creativity to the band's music. Russ grew up in Surrey, and has been a professional drummer for many years. In addition to his vast experience of live work with numerous bands Russ has been involved in songwriting, recording (both as a band member and as a session musician), and the creation of drum loops and in computer based music production. In 2002 he turned his hand to teaching and has helped drummers ranging from 7 years old to 80 years old to discover or rediscover drumming. In recent years Russ has extended his experience across a wide variety of recording and live performance projects, including playing drums on Vienna Circle's debut album White Clouds, touring in Europe with blues band The Sharpees, drumming for top UK Led Zeppelin Tribute Led Zep Too, recording "A state of Delirium" with SJW and producer George Shilling, being a core member of Leading Yes tribute Fragile (including gigs with Steve Howe), backing 80's singer/songwriter Owen Paul and working with the Elton John Tribute Band - Ultimate Elton, to name just a few - as well as scoring 2nd place in the UK Heats of Roland's V-Drum World Championship and working as an endorsee for Mapex Drums, Istanbul Mehmet Cymbals and many other leading UK manufacturers.